Health News

  • Winter is fast  approaching. It is strongly recommended that all  folks over the age of 65 are immunized against influenza  and pneumonia caused by a bacterium called pneumococcus. This  can cause serious pneumonia in senior people. In addition those groups who have other chronic illness such as diabetes / heart disease / immune deficiencies are also advised to be immunized.
  • The kindest jab is for your baby. Childhood immunization is  vital for the well being of your offspring.  Be proactive  and follow the recommended schedule as outlined by the Health Department . Parents are advised that the immunisation program has changed and the measles mumps and rubella vaccine has been added to the chicken pox vaccine at the 18 month scheduled immunisation. The initial measles mumps and rubella vaccine remains at 12 months. Due to the ongoing risks to babies with regard to whooping cough immunisation of parents and grandparents inclusive of carers are all advised to be immunised prior to the arrival of your baby.